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We love the tasty little mints and wanted to share our enjoyment of all of the different flavors of Tic Tacs. We’ll dive into the history of the breath mints and talk about new flavors and updates. Take a look at our list of All Tic Tac Flavors List and if you’re interested in the nutritional aspect, check out Tic Tacs Nutrition Facts.

Tic Tacs Coupons

The absolute best way to get discounted Tic Tacs is by shopping online! Amazon carries a wide range of Tic Tacs flavors and you can usually purchase them with a discount or a coupon. You can also sign-up for Amazon Subscribe and Save which can give you a big discount to commit to regular orders of the product.

Right now you can get a 40% additional discount on most Tic Tacs flavors on Amazon if you sign-up for Subscribe and Save.

One of the most popular Tic Tac flavors, Fruit Adventure, is currently on sale when buying a 4-pack.

I’d also recommend downloading the apps for the grocery stores in your area as these have become a common and easy way to see new coupons. It’s even possible that Door Dash, UberEats, and other food delivery apps will occasionally have Tic Tacs coupons too.

Bulk Tic Tacs

A very popular and commom method for buying Tic Tacs is to buy them in bulk. They’re very cheap when bought one pack at a time, but you get big savings when you buy multiple packs at a time. Buying a 12-pack can generally have your cost under $1 a pack. And it can get even cheaper per pack when you buy in larger quantities, such as this 12-pack of Tic Tac Tropical Adventure that are available on Amazon. Or if you’re looking for a smaller amount of bulk Tic Tacs here is a 8-pack of Tic Tac Strawberry & Cream on Amazon.

Individually Wrapped Tic Tacs

Strangely enough there has been individually wrapped Tic Tacs available in the past, but they aren’t as easily available currently. They do have smaller quantities available such as this bag that contains packs of 5 Tic Tacs in each.

These individually wrapped Tic Tacs were called Tic Tac Silvers. These were available in two flavors, Peppermint and Orange.

Tic Tac Ingredients

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