All Tic Tac Flavors List

Over the years there have been a large variety of Tic Tacs flavorsand new ones are continually being introduced from time-to-time. Older flavors that aren’t available in stores have become quite sought after and there is a group of people that are dedicated to collecting as many unique flavors as possible.

Here we list all of the flavors that we know about and also show you which ones can still be purchase on Amazon. Click on any of the product boxes below to be taken to Amazon where you can purchase them. You can also click the name of any of the flavors listed below in our full list to be taken to a page that talks in-depth about that specific flavor of Tic Tacs.

Other and Miscellaneous Tic Tacs Flavors

Pizza Tic Tacs

Pizza Tic Tacs went slightly viral a little while back due to the insane flavor choice it seemed to be, but it was ultimately an April Fool’s Joke. Pizza Tic Tacs were never released, but we’re still wondering what that would have tasted like.